"Learning Arabic language for approaching Arab countries"  


Key Activity 2 Languages Multilateral Project   - Ref. 143422-LLP-1-2008-1-ES-KA2-KA2MP

Website address: http://www.learningarabic.eu






The main aim of the project is to create a set of innovative tools to promote and facilitate the acquisition of basic competences in the Arabic language, as well as a better knowledge of Arab culture, among European citizens, with the main objectives of promoting understanding among different cultures, promoting the carry out of shared projects, increasing the competitiveness of European companies when doing business, facilitating communication and understanding with Arab people living in EU.

In order to achieve the main aim of the project, different particular objectives have been defined:

The produced Website and online course will give European citizens an easy-to-use and amusing material which will spur them to learn this language. 




The main activities of the project, planned for two years (2009-2010), will be:

The results will be useful for anybody interested in learning Arabic or just in improving their knowledge of Arab culture, but during the project life its products will be particularly disseminated among:

o    Companies of sectors dealing with Arab countries or trying to start business with these countries. This will be made by contacting: SME’s associations, Chambers of Commerce, organisations of different kinds giving continuous training courses to company’s staff and public bodies in charge of promoting foreign affairs.

o    Organisations in charge of receiving, assisting or giving training courses to immigrants.

o    Language schools and other organisations giving courses of Arabic language.

o    Websites related to Arabic language or Arab culture



The main products of the project will be:

  • to become the main support for dissemination, both itself throughout Internet and as reference for all the remaining means of dissemination.

  • to hold the produced Arabic language multimedia course.

  • to hold the MP3 files that will be made to support the course by being available for free downloading to be used with the IPOD or MP3 device.

  • to hold relevant information about the project and its partners and activities.

  • to hold information about the geography and culture of Arab countries, as well as about their relation with EU;

  • to hold a forum, which will have two main aims: contribute to the dissemination of the Arabic material produced, and become a reference for those who face the challenge of studying Arabic.

  • a multimedia and interactive language course which will be held on an e-learning platform located in the produced website. It will be the main product, including 10 learning units, which will use animations and sound and will be devised  to develop listening /speaking skills in particular. However, it will include also a tool to learn Arabic letters.

  • a CD-ROM including the same course, to be used when an Internet connection is not available.

  • POD-CAST files, which will be based on the same topic and content as the units, but using a different approach. They are made to learn by means of an IPOD / MP3 device, the approach is totally oral in order to be used when travelling, driving or in any other circumstance.

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    The project is undertaken as a multinational partnership including institutions from 4 European countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands:

    Finally the project also foresees the presence, as associated partner, of the United Arab Emirates University, Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department Arabic Language and Literature (UAE