The Association FENICE- Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti – Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa draws its inspiration from Gaetano Salvemini and believes in the vital importance of a “lay” state school, and is now setting to itself the goal  to start a European educational space, as stated in the documents of the European Commission. This is why the Association wants to support all those initiatives which favour the integration of the intellectual resources of schools in the cultural growth of society, help to change educational systems and  professional or vocational training and increase the chances for young people to be trained according to the needs of modern society.

School, University staff  and trainers can be members of the Association, even if they are no longer working.






To reach its objectives – in collaboration with Universities, public, private, national and international institutions and bodies – FENICE

  • Carries out projects funded  - either completely or partially – by the European Community;

  • Produces and publishes all sorts of teaching materials which aim at improving mutual understanding among European countries at historical, anthropological and environmental levels;

  • Holds in-service courses and training courses for teachers;

  • Carries out projects aiming at integrating schools and the world of work;

  • Offers vocational and school guidance;

  • Carries out research, gives advice and trains people on curricular or cross curricular and on relevant issues;

  • Gives advice on projects aiming at changes in teaching styles;

  • Organises meetings, courses, guided tours, stages abroad , teacher and/or student exchanges.



 The team of the Association comprises of school and University teachers and trainers. Staff members work both on a full-time and on a part-time basis. They are highly motivated, team oriented and open-minded people, with experience in international project management.

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