European Union Education Projects


The Association FENICE- Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti – Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa has been involved in European Union Education projects for fifteen years as promoter, proposals’ writer, partnership broker and project partner. We are linked to Schools, Universities, Adult Education Services and Further Education Colleges, who work with us in these projects.


We are keen to be involved in the Erasmus+ and the Europe for Citizens programmes. We have particular skills and expertise in

·         training people on curricular or cross curricular and on relevant issues;

·         producing all sorts of teaching materials;

·         disseminating new methodologies and changes in teaching styles;

·         integrating schools and the world of work;

·         carrying out courses and training courses for teachers especially in the fields of ICT, e-learning, linguistics, citizenship, immigrants’ integration;

·         organizing national and international conference.


To find out more about the European projects we have been involved in click on the links below:


Romance languages for Slavic-speaking university students Erasmus + Cooperation partnerships in higher education
LMOOCs for university students on the move Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education
“MOVE-ME“ MOOCs for University Students on the Move in Europe Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education
FADO - Find A Delightful Opportunity to learn Portuguese through Internet and songs LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership
GENIUS - "plaGiarism or crEativity: teachiNg Innovation versUs Stealing” LLP Comenius Multilateral Projects
Creativity in language learning LLP KA2 Languages - Accompanying Measures
FRESCO - French and Spanish language competence through songs Star Project 2012 LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership
LIS - Languages & Integration through Singing LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership
Learning Arabic language for approaching Arab countries LLP - Key Activity 2 Languages - Multilateral Projects
Be My Guest: Russian for European Hospitality LLP - Key Activity 2 Languages - Multilateral Projects

BSI - "Broad Sweeps of Imagination: a new method to teach a foreign language"

LLP Comenius Multilateral Projects

CELCIT - Competences in e-Learning and Certification In Tourism  E-Quality Label 2009

LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership

IILL - "Integrated Intercultural Language Learning " Socrates - Accompanying Measures
Formation aux techniques théâtrales à l'usage des enseignants de FLE Comenius: In-service training

TEAM - Training of Educators of Adults in an intercultural Module

Grundtvig 2 Action

INNOschool-Initiative for innovative concepts to prevent early school leaving

Joint Actions

Le français par les techniques théâtrales

Socrates Lingua 2 Action

Joy FLL - Join your grandchildren in learning a foreign language

Socrates Lingua 1 Action

e-GOV - e-Government Village

Leonardo Pilot Projects

Un portale per la new economy

Leonardo Pilot Projects

Nuvola-Nuova Versione di Organizzazione di Linee di Apprendimento

Leonardo Pilot Projects

TES - Telework Education System

Leonardo Pilot Projects

e-LT - e Learning for  Tourism

Leonardo Mobility

VIR-Viaggio dell'Italiano in Romania

Leonardo Mobility